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Medievil Dead

An RNG Card Flipper with crafting and party mechanics. · By Devious_Oatmeal


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Soon ,"Runes" will be available in the full version as part of a meta-progression design. Runes will be unlocked along your adventures, and each one has a speci...
The Medievil Dead have risen!
It is finally here! A purchasable version with all current progress on the game now being added to this version! I now have a demo and released progress version...
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Friends and Fiends!
This is more a heads up about the current progress of the game. A few additions have been added, but not yet to the current build; which are things like: -New b...
They Come for Blood!
I changed up a few things! Chances have been tweaked once again, as to give you more gold and to help with the abundance of items! Enemy chances are now increas...
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Options for Sounds!
Options for sounds and the tutorials are now live! When it comes to Gamemaker 2, messing with sound can be a little iffy- so definitely let me know if you run i...
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Layout Changes!
ALRIGHTY! I decided to change up a lot of the layout to better frame the scene for things like dialog, and to give more room for more cards! Just a massive fiel...
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Villager Change
I decided to change the ability of the Villager. There was very little utility with it, and in my playtests, I rarely, if ever, used it. SOOOooo...! I decided t...
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Feel free to post any sudden bugs or glitches here- screenshots and copypastas of errors are extremely helpful!
started by Devious_Oatmeal Jul 28, 2021
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Your input is valuable, and will be used to help shape the game even further.
started by Devious_Oatmeal Jul 29, 2021
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