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The Call of Krul'ar

Expand your lands to escape that which lurks in the darkness. · By Devious_Oatmeal


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Update Version: 6.9.2022
With the help of the growing community, I got a good chunk of feedback and issues that I have been tackling! So here are some bug fixes, UI additions, and recip...
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Steam Release!
It's that time!"The Call of Krul'ar" is now released on Steam! :V IMPORTANT: Steam has a kind of "rule", where the game can only be featured in the New and Popu...
Demo Quick Fix!
A sprite wasn't set correctly in the demo and was causing a crash. It's been fixed now! Apologies to all the new players!...
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Press Kit is Live!
I've never made one of these before, but it was definitely worth the experience in making one! The page itself contains details about the game in case anyone wa...
Steam Being Steam and The Game's State!
Steam Being Steam Due to the way Steam does some of its timings, the release date needed to be moved up to June 8th. But this isn't fully set in stone due to a...
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Steam Release Soon!
When Will it Release? The date of publish will be around June 1st, but the page itself will be up for about a week and a half prior to release. So be sure to wi...
Monsters, Events, and Polish, Oh My!
Monsters: Two new threats have been added, and each does something different than the previous monsters. They are designed to disturb the players and their stra...
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If you find any bugs or glitches, or something that just doesn't seem right, feel free to post them in here. Images and...
started by Devious_Oatmeal May 07, 2022
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If you have any suggestions for the game, feel free to post them here!
started by Devious_Oatmeal May 07, 2022
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If you are a streamer, or someone that wants more information on the game, you can go here to download the kit used to m...
started by Devious_Oatmeal May 26, 2022
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