Steam Release!

It's that time!"The Call of Krul'ar" is now released on Steam! :V

IMPORTANT: Steam has a kind of "rule", where the game can only be featured in the New and Popular if it gets at least 10 reviews.
So if you already bought the game on Itchio, maybe tell a friend about the Steam version too, and the 10 reviews.
It'll help a ton!

If you bought the Itchio version, you can now play the game on Steam! (You first need to request a Steam key and use it of course)

And no worries about me supporting the Itchio version!
I'll be keeping both versions up to date with the coming updates!
And feel free to use either Steam or for communication, or my Discord!

I've already had some useful feedback from a player, and I honestly don't mind more of it!

Get The Call of Krul'ar

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How do we request a steam key?

When you buy the game, it sends an email.
You use that email to link you to the download page and get it from there.