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Survive the horrors of the unknown as you expand your lands to keep from being dragged into the darkness; and devoured by that which lurks inside. With every action you take, so too does the world around you.
So be strategic in your choices, or else you will regret them.

Colony Survival Card Game
Turn-Based - Strategy - Side-Scroller
Platforms:Windows (PC)
Tags:Lovecraftian - Colony Builder - Survival - Horror - Tower Defense
Developer:Devious Oatmeal (Solo)
Publisher:Self-Published (Solo)
Playtime:It is a Learn-As-You-Play style of game, with an emphasis on Discovery through your actions.
To fully finish the game, it could take 3-5 Hours.
Price:$2.99 USD - The price is so low for the sake of spreading my name and game.
Release Date:
Itch: May 1st, 2022
Steam: TBA

Inspirations:- The Kingdom Series (New Lands, Two Crowns)
- Stacklands
- Ratropolis
- Loop Hero


- Almost every click that interacts with the world is an Action.
- Simple things like moving your cards around in your hand, however, do not count.

Collect, Combine, Expand, Defend

- The Player will click on the islands to collect cards/resources.
- They will then combine cards by looking at the recipes.
- As they make more combinations, they will unlock new recipes.
- For experienced players, or those that know, they can combine cards even if the recipe is not known in the recipe grids.
- With new structures, they can use Workers to help harvest resources.
- They can also make soldiers with different powers and uses.
- And with those soldiers, they can keep the threats that come from The Darkness, at bay.
- A player should not get comfortable, as the threat of losing land is unstoppable, so they MUST expand.
- The game is won once the player figures it out. (There IS an ending and a fantastic ending screen!)

The Darkness

- The Darkness is the home of the main threat of the game.
- As the player takes actions through interaction with the world, The Darkness will approach from the left and start to devour the islands.
- Losing land is unstoppable.
- Monsters will appear out of The Darkness and move with the Actions; destroying anything in their path to the castle farthest to the right.
- If a Monster destroys the last Castle, then the game is over as they have taken your ruler and are bringing them into the Darkness.

Who Am I?

- I am an enthusiastic developer that's been working on games for a good while, though nothing I have made has ever reached a point of completion, other than a Jam game.
- My name I keep to myself, but my alias is Devious Oatmeal. I live in the USA and am in my early 30's.
- I can't say that I have had any real formal training or schooling in regards to game development, nor coding for that matter; unless you count a week of a year-long college course that I had to drop due to transportation issues.
- I am essentially self-taught with my first beginnings into coding being from an old series known as "Little Big Planet". Though that was what is known as "Visual Coding" in today's Game Development world, and LBP was extremely limited. Still though. That game taught me a lot, and I am grateful for the experience.

What Inspired You To Make This Game?

- The game started out as something completely different.
- Originally, you had to walk around and collect the cards as resources, but I could never decide on where to go with the game after that.
- So after putting the game in the "Will come back to later" drawer (along with a few other games that I may return to), I eventually happened on a game jam game where you played as Bowser, and Mario would approach from the left, destroying all the castles you built and fighting off the Goombas and Spike Turtles. I didn't think much of it at the time, other than it being a fun idea that had potential. But then I saw my old project later, I decided to merge the ideas together.
- The idea of " The Thing that's unstoppable and approaching" was in a lot of other games, and even in some older games I made, but I didn't think to combine it into the old version of this game until I saw that Bowser Game.
- So I got to work and started messing with some ideas, and eventually got sucked into Stacklands, which helped fuel the ideas I had going on.
- So, once I had the idea in mind and a plan on how to do it, I got to work and started working on the game; adding little by little and testing all kinds of different ideas.
- The game itself and the planning maybe took about 1 month to get a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) ready, and the current version of the game has probably taken me 1 extra month. I did reuse some old art from the original game I made, but that was maybe a few cards (~10), and I basically had to make everything else from scratch.
- Even the original card art was much smaller, so I had to redo them and add more detail.
- It was definitely a lot of fun to make though, and I'm still loving working on the game as I keep improving it and my own skills!

Everything here, and more, is downloadable in the files below!

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